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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Okay. So Hey Lookey!! I am reposting this URL to show off and give credit for a really neat DOODLE calendar download that I picked off Pinterest: a href=''>Designed by Freepik</a> So...

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With the new year right around the corner, I thought I'd walk you through my new Bullet Journal set-up for 2016! :)

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I.E., Wayne and Corinne's summer en Photo Revue: As recounted to Woodstock the Bird (Schultz, Charles) by Mrs. Corinne Adele Phillips circa September 2015:
"It all started when Wayne and I got stuck in a downpour at the end of June. Our phones lay miserably drowned on the soaking, running, seeping pavement under the truck in our driveway. Mysteriously, our most expensive electronics must have fallen from our pockets when last we had climbed down from our seats the night before. *Frown *Ugh!!
But after the frowning, again came the smiling, because we got new smart phones like...the very next day after that. 
 *Whew! and once again we had phones that are the most expensive electronics we both own."
'And then, while enjoying a sunny, warm pleasant drive in the 'Five,' says Woodstock, 'Corinne realizes suddenly that she needs glasses and a new drivers' license...almost in that exact order!', so, 'yes, THaT happens...and then


GUESS Who shows up: Dave!

Cute Kid with Ms. Hilary Fisher's Purse

 which is just before Wayne and the step son's birthday bash!' *breathe *breathe *wing- flutter, *twitter. 

"So then,":

...and Mark Twain for Wayne.
"Unbroken" for Drew.
Hasting's bucks!
'So, Well, Okay: Two weeks after the party...  
Vegas, BabY!!!'
"And although the pictures have not come back from Walmart  yet, I was able to snap this one on the way to our hotel."
"In August, we narcissistically took these Selfies at the movie theater instead of taking pictures of the Baby when we took Ollie, Drew and Brit to see The Minion Movie, even though it was Ollie's first movie ever."

So, THaT is what Wayne and Corinne did this summer. *Sigh 










Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So Stop With the Doing and Being, Already! Let's Get Real:

As a child of Christian faith, family values at home were  set by the iron rod i.e., "...spare the rod and spoil the child...". 
By doing what I was asked, and living what I was taught I learned that I could win approval, create peace and avoid punishment. 

I spent so much time choosing the right, doing what was right, avoiding the crises that inevitably came with disobedience.

Yet in quiet times I still experienced lasting  moments of true perfection; Like on Christmas Eve just after bedtime when, in the darkened living room a fresh fragrant evergreen tree was still lit, or before going out to catch the school bus on a warm spring morning, sunshine and dewy fresh air poured in through the torn up screen door at the back of the house. 

Fast forward to Now. In a busy Christian life and with what turns out to be lots of Protestant pride,  I now must do and do and do...and then I can Be...Be exhausted, distracted and unsatisfied that I have done enough, that I have enough, that I am enough to prove my worth!
Like the Dalai Lama says...

With all this doing, my adult life is still so often an unruly mess! And then after all is said and done, the "worthiness meter" still comes up short. Has loyalty to my religious training turned me backward and upside down in my thinking?

The puzzle of Christian practice to me is that I (and many members of my family--of origin, of church and of the human family <3) choose to "Do" and strive to "Be" in pursuit of worthiness, to vanquish "evil", rather than to Un-do negativist energy, that blocks the perfection that already IS.

Hasn't God already worked it out for us?
We lack nothing!
We must capture this truth.

After all, hasn't the source of Christian faith, Jesus Christ, Un-done all that is needed in his atoning sacrifice to restore us, to restore the heavens and earth to the state of bliss that IS? 

So what is it that we Christians need to Do? All that is needed has already been done. Unless we weave negative energy, the concept of "evil", of making it an entity, back into our doctrine and blind ourselves all over again.

With the atonement, Evil has been banished, death vanquished for the believing heart (Right?) and yet the world as we know it seems to continue to be a mess? Not so, I say. 

So I ask myself, "Is Do-ing making me any more or less of whatever it is I really Am?" (This seems to imply that  what I really Am, really ISN'T lol); Is Doing really bringing me joy (always in a promised future state!) or does this joy already exist. Christmas trees and spring sunshine indicate to me that it does; this joy already does exist. And then we have the Knowing, not the believing heart. And in the knowing there is joy. The true self that is limitless and ever flowing is free of evil already; the part of we Christians that is Jesus, that is Christ, undoes all that is needed;

"Be Still and Know." ~God
Rather in stead, just by Being who I really AM, I begin Un-doing, instead of Doing. Restoring, reserving, waiting quietly in the Reality of the moment for the miracle to appear and remove, miraculously, the din of earthly strife/"strif-ing"/striving; Undoing the mess by un-stopping what is  needed to restore the order and the joy of what already IS.

Undoing grief, undoing sorrow, undoing, i.e., not doing,(as in, "I don't do windows" lol...) the negative then uncovers, reveals, prepares me for and creates what IS. 

 All that is necessary to create, to restore, to preserve and to reveal the opposite of all this negative space rests in Reality. I do not need to Do to Be. We do not need to do to Be. We are good. The big "R". I have been accused of "rewriting history" before. Wait until you see me now. Moo!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcome To This Blog: It is All About Me (And lots of my opinions on lots of subjects)

Hi. My name is Corinne. I have started this blog so that the people who are tired of listening to me will get a break from having to listen to my constant flow of feelings, thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions.

I have a tendency to choose negative reactions to life events and have recently decided that it is time to let those negative reactions go. My goal is to choose my feelings and to accept responsibility for my own actions, in order to correspond with Reality, instead.

And I am not talking about perceived reality, reality imposed upon me by others or reality seemingly imposed by life events but Reality - the big "R", the reality that actually IS. The Reality created by the higher self, the reality that Knows, Loves, Creates and is bounteous. Yup.

So, follow this with me, please; I love cows. My family has cow terminology that describes many of our social rituals and describes life events and family traditions. That is why my blog is titled, Deja Moo. This blog  is about things that you all have experienced in listening to me, living with me and watching what I do. By doing this in the past you have learned a lot about who I am as a person. And this is important, because, as I have said, this IS all about Me. (Note the capital "M" lol).

A Herford: Someone who is a real jerk, ie., "Don't be a Herford."
"Having a herf": Means getting into a troublesome spot with something or arguing with someone. This generally denotes an unpleasant event; closely related to the plea, "Don't herf me about this", or "Stop herfing around", or "Well, that was a real herf!".

The Herford Hall of Fame: Reserved for really huge, outrageous and generally stupid urban artifacts
 depicting cows and other stupid looking items seen from one's car window. Rated on a scale of 1 through 10 and usually gauged by the uncomplimentary or mildly demeaning nature to cows, or to the human senses, or both.

Herfing: Going somewhere or doing something specific, usually for recreation, on your own or with someone else in the family which, often  is really fun, but may include activities that will get you into trouble.  May occur on special occasions, in secret or just for the heck of it. Kind of like hanging out, but sometimes even more fun.
"Let's go Herf": Means, "Let's plan something really fun for the day", (or for another time in the near future).

And, finally I will add this photo depiction of the Herf legacy left behind by my mom Louise Maurer and cheerfully tolerated by my dad, Max Maurer, brought to you with affection and nostalgia <3

Now, with all cow humor history aside, I acquiesce; You may perceive, as you are reading, that all of this is "BS", i.e., "bullxxxx that you have seen (and/or heard) before"; But, I am confident that once you have read this blog for awhile, you will recognize that some of this stuff is not only on MY mind, but is on your own minds, as well. 

This is my energy. I own it. I acknowledge it and now I choose to direct it to effect my feelings, direct my actions, create my experiences and govern my life's events. My goal is to validate and honor the big "R".

Then again, I realize that  there will be a lot of stuff in this blog that you will acknowledge as uniquely my own thought process. This will be stuff that you have never even thought of, conceived or experienced in your own life to this point; And then you will have the opportunity to experience your own energy about what I write, and you will choose your own feelings.

You may also choose your own actions and/or reactions with which to create your own experiences and govern your own life events. May the energy you feel, the feelings and actions you choose and the things you create with this be positive and pleasant as you discover what I have called the big "R". <3

So, with that said, I hope you will enjoy following my blog! Moo!